Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Record Collecting Is War

So I thought I'd made another big step as far as my Modern Life Is War collection is concerned when I found a reasonably priced first press on transluscent blue vinyl aka tour press. Unfortunately it turned out to be a regular copy on purple with the single jacket, which is the latest press on Lifeline. I contacted the seller and he admitted he'd apparently made a mistake and he agreed to refund me a large part of the money. Since I didn't have a copy on purple with the single jacket, it was not a total loss. One more down, even if it wasn't the one I'd hoped for.

The colour is really hard to take a good picture of, so here's a close up.

On a nerd note, I was reading a post by someone on the Rev Collectors messageboard who said he'd received a record with two labels on one side. That got me thinking if I had something like this in my collection, but I couldn't think of any record that came with an extra label on any side. Funnily enough the next record I got in the mail shows exactly that anomaly. Probably doesn't get any nerdier than this.

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  1. I have a similar double label on my Warzone DFTS DFTS Rev LP. But it's actually bothering me and I am willing to remove the second label but then fear for damage to the first. Collector's problems...